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We help sharpen the skills of your key persons to even better trigger desired reactions from others. This includes leadership situations, so you better retain your talents. It includes client interactions, so you increase sales and client satisfaction. It includes negotiation situations so you even better create win-win outcomes.


We deliver programs globally, with Stockholm, Sweden as base. Over 60 associates based in 25 countries. We develop mindsets & behaviors to align with your stated objectives and your desired company culture. Our strong belief is that people can change their behavior and mindset, provided we experience strong enough aha-experiences (just like in real life situations). We provide those strong aha-experiences in a safe environment, ensuring quick and lasting development based on self-discovery. For more than 30 years we have delivered fun and impactful programs with lasting impact. We help you translate your good intentions to solid new mindsets & behaviors, i.e. we help you Walk the Talk.



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